Why You Should Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

Published on May, 2020





While many of us choose to do our laundry while taking a hot shower and end up washing clothes with hot water as well, it might not be the best thing to do for your clothes. Well if you had been assuming that hot water can clean your clothes better, it certainly isn’t going to help your favourite clothes stay in your wardrobe for long. Cold water also has several benefits not only for your clothes but for the environment as well. LaundryMan has a few helpful facts that will make you wash your clothes the right way using cold water.

Here are four reasons why you should wash your clothes in cold water:

Getting Rid of Stains

Cold water is a saviour when it comes to getting rid of stains off your clothes in several ways. And these stains can only come off when you use cold water. For instance, if you need to get rid of stains like blood or sweat, cold water is the solution. Warm water may cause the stains to set in even more in the fabric.

Retaining the Shape of Clothes

Warm water may be tempting to use whether you’re hand washing or machine washing your clothes. However, truth be told, warm water can cause the fabric of your clothes to shrink and then lead to your clothes looking dull due to their size. So if you wish to retain your clothes for long and keep them looking fresh switch to cold water now.

Better for Certain Fabrics

Certain fabrics like lace, silk and other delicate fabrics are best when washed in cold water. They not only retain the quality of the dark and colourful fabrics but also help your clothes stay fresher for longer.

Saving Energy

When you use hot water to clean your clothes in the washing machine, your machine utilises about 80 to 90 per cent to heat the water. This means more load on the energy which can lead to a higher electricity bill. So a wise move would be to switch to cold water and reduce this expense.

So following these tips may not only be good for retaining the look and feel of your clothes, but they can also prove to be economical. Moreover, using cold water to wash clothes also helps save the environment and needless to say is best for your clothes. It is important however that you check the label of these clothes to ensure that you’re doing it the right way.

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