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“When I moved to Dubai in 2013, I started using the laundry service from the Convenience Store below my building in JBR – this was the market norm. Soon I realised that the person who came to pick-up my Laundry was either too late or would not be sufficiently equipped to carry the load that I wanted to give or would not process my garments as per the instructions I gave. Often, I had to myself go and collect the laundry as it would never be delivered in time. Fast forward 5 years – I can get food, groceries and my shopping delivered to my doorstep.

So it begs the question – why not Laundry? I proudly present to you LaundryMan: an on-demand mobile application for Laundry & Dry Cleaning.

Technology has the power to disrupt and change any industry. In keeping with that spirit, LaundryMan offers the option of having your laundry picked-up and delivered at your doorstep at a time suitable to you – making it effortless, dependable and convenient.

What makes us different? We don’t outsource the processing of your laundry to third party vendors – we have our own processing facility where we process your garments in individual bags – so no mixing with anyone! Laundry is a very personal task and we very rightly treat it so! Your laundry – in a separate bag – washed with environmentally friendly detergents from Europe and processed in automated steam machines for the crisp finish you seek when you take your clothes out of the closet! Moreover – we offer you the flexibility of choosing a pick-up and delivery time that is most suitable to your convenience and the ability to track your orders thru the entire process! Go on – give us a try!”

– Owais Altaf



Your Laundry superhero – dressing you up every day! We clean, iron & deliver, without the slightest quiver. We save your time and even your dime. So download the app for a superior laundry & dry-cleaning service.

LaundryMan is now ready to make a revolutionary transformation in the laundry service industry with the use of the most sophisticated and effective technology available. We are a group of highly experienced individuals with the aim to create a new trend in the laundry service industry. We do it fast, friendly and smart.

Why LaundryMan?

  • We don’t promise. We deliver.
  • A service well done is definitely better than well said. We don’t dwell on words, we simply perform. So, sit back and relax, while LaundryMan does what it does best- Laundry & Dry Clean!

  • We don’t transact, we build relationships.
  • The number of laundry orders you give us is never our priority. What truly matters is how we serve you every single time. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority.

  • We don’t meet expectations, we exceed them.
  • Professional, reliable and premium service, — that’s already expected! We go way beyond. Because when you look good, we look good.

    LaundryMan is not just an App, it’s a Lifestyle!

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