Useful Tips to Wash Baby Clothes The Right Way

Published on Sep, 2020





Once you have a baby, you’re loaded with responsibilities to ensure that your baby is safe, healthy and happy. Taking proper care is crucial and even their clothes need to be washed properly. Always remember to wash your baby’s newly bought clothes before you make them wear them. If you need help from a professional laundry service in Dubai, LaundryMan is perfect to help with all your laundry woes. To know a few useful tips on washing your baby clothes, read on.

Read the label

It’s the best idea to follow the instructions mentioned on the label. They always mention if there is anything you should avoid. At times, your baby’s clothing might have a fire-resistant material which you need to take care of when washing them.

Hand wash

Always ensure your hands are bacteria- free so wash and sanitize your hands thoroughly before you wash your baby’s clothes.

Also, remember to check the temperature of the water before washing the baby clothes. It should not be very hot as it will lead to your baby’s clothes getting torn or cause ripping.

Use a good detergent

Your baby clothes need to be taken care of for the wellbeing of your baby so use a mild detergent. You can even make your own detergent at home. Most regular detergents come with fragrances, chemicals or dyes that can cause allergies to your baby’s delicate skin. So ensure you either buy a mild detergent or make one yourself.


Remove the stains

It’s not shocking to know that babies have several liquids coming out of them and sometimes it can be overwhelming. And getting rid of these stains can be challenging because of the smell. To get rid of the poop stains, first, soak the cloth in warm water and then dilute few drops of lemon juice in the water to wash your cloth. You can then wash away any remains by scrubbing with an old toothbrush.

To remove other stains, you can use some baking soda and soak the clothes in warm water. Follow up by scrubbing with a brush if needed.

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