Useful Hacks To Care For Your Clothes During the Rainy Season

Published on Aug, 2020





Known for a hot and humid climate, Dubai experiences light rainfall only during the winters. And the monsoon is when you need to take care of your clothes so that they remain fresh and hygienic for you to wear. If you need help to take care of your clothes that have been exposed to the monsoon moisture, you can take the help of a professional laundry service provider like LaundryMan in Dubai.


Diligently follow the following tips to ensure your clothes are well taken care of during the rainy season:

Regularly Wash

During the monsoon season, one thing that you need to change is to avoid piling up your clothes as it may lead to the development of bacterial problems and fungal growth. A good practice is to wash them immediately or more frequently to keep the clothes fresh and safe.

Scented Detergents

There might be an odour that stays on your clothes even if you wash them well. So to avoid that, you can use scented detergents which will provide your clothes with a pleasant smell and make them fresher.

Clean Washing Machine

Your washing machine can accumulate dirt, grime and bacteria over time which can lead to unpleasant smell in your clothes. Thus, you must clean your washing machine once in a while. So before you even put your clothes in that wash cycle, remove the lint traps, dirt and clean your washing machine with a short cycle using vinegar and baking soda. Leave the cover of your washing machine open for the drum to dry well.

Use a DIY Disinfectant

You can make your disinfectant at home with vinegar and baking soda. Just add this mix to water and soak your clothes in this when handwashing or machine washing. This will not only clean your clothes well but also help them get rid of that damp smell.

Dry Clothes Indoors

If you have a busy schedule and are away the entire day, you can invest in a good drying rack for your clothes. This will help them dry better. Ensure that you use the spin dry option in your washing machine to help them dry well. You can also dry them under the fan for a quick dry.

Use Scented Candles or Incense Sticks

When drying damp clothes indoors, a great idea is to place a scented candle or a couple of incense sticks to keep the room smelling fresh and pleasant.
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