Tips To Choose & Maintain The Best Fabrics For Tablecloths

Published on Oct, 2020





Tablecloths not only protect your tables from dirt, stains and heat but also add to the aesthetics of your interiors. These can be found is various fabrics, sizes and colours. While selecting these, you can also see how easy or difficult it will be to clean them. If you need help with your laundry in Dubai, you can opt for LaundryMan, a professional laundry service provider. Some of the commonly used table fabrics include cotton, polyester, linen and vinyl. Each of these has its own features and drawbacks as well. Read on to find out what fabric can be the best according to your needs for your table.

One of the best fabrics for regular use, cotton tablecloths is also easily washable. You can either wash them in the washing machine or handwash them. But ensure that for the first wash, you wash these separately as the colours tend to bleed in cotton fabrics. Cotton tablecloths are not just affordable but also easy to clean.

You can clean the cotton tablecloths using a damp cloth or even use a damp sponge to scrub any dirt or oil. You can buy cotton tablecloths in a variety of colours, designs and sizes. However, with time, they tend to discolour or mould because of prolonged exposure to heat or weather conditions.

Polyester fabrics make perfect tablecloths for parties and any informal occasions. Although, they are similar to cotton, they have many additional benefits as well. Polyester tablecloths come in a blend of cotton and many other fabrics as well. Polyester fabrics are also affordable for tablecloths and are easily washable in the machine or even for hand wash. Like cotton, they too come in various colours and styles so you can have a variety to choose from and decorate your dining space or other tables.

Vinyl is another material which is very suitable for your tables. These are glossier look wise and are also one of the cheapest options. Vinyl tablecloths are easy to wash and also are better at resisting weather conditions compared to cotton. They are excellent when it comes to stains, light or moisture and act as a good resistant to such conditions.

If you have a garden or love dining outdoors at home, vinyl tablecloths can be a good option. You can use them for your dining table as well as they come in several options as well.

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