Tips to Care for Clothes So They Avoid Developing Lint

Published on Sep, 2020





Your favourite outfit might no longer look its best when a bunch if lint starts showing on it. And when this happens you may be left with very limited options like to either do something to get the lint off or just buy a new outfit. With LaundryMan, all your clothes get washed the right way and thus the stress of having to deal with lint will be taken care of. Mostly clothes tend to develop these pesky fuzz-balls when they’re washed the wrong way. So if you want to find out a few simple hacks that can keep those tiny balls of fibre at bay, read on.

Hand wash your clothes

If you want your favourite outfit to look fresh and stay lint-free, opt for a hand wash as this prevents the fibre on the clothes from breaking away. However, this might not be feasible all the time and that’s when you can seek professionals to do it. You can hand wash your fancy outfits and machine wash the rest of the clothes.

Clean the lint filter

Use a small brush to clean the vacuum that is present inside the dryer. After you take out the fuzzy lint bits, wipe the filter or vacuum with a clean dry cloth. You can clean the filter after every wash using the brush or hands to remove the lint bits.

Pumice Stone to the rescue

Your pumice stone can be put to multiple uses and the removal of lint is one of them. So pick up your pumice stone that has been lying in the bathroom and use it to remove those fuzz balls and wear your lint-free dress. So next time, don’t just use the pumice for your skin or dispose of an old pumice stone.

Use Vinegar

You can also opt to use distilled white vinegar for your clothes to remove the lint. When you are about to give your clothes the final rinse, add a cup of vinegar and wash them. You can do so for both hand wash and machine wash and say goodbye to the fuzz from your favourite outfits.

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