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Published on Nov, 2020





Homemade laundry detergent is not only inexpensive but can also be gentle on your clothes. Moreover, if you live with a bigger family, you require more detergent. If you need professional helping hands with your laundry in Dubai, LaundryMan is a great choice as they deliver great solutions. Homemade detergent is easy to make and also washing machine friendly making it even more suitable. Read on as we share a few simple steps to make your laundry detergent at home.

Here are a few tools you will need-

  • Hand grater
  • Measuring cup
  • Gloves made of rubber or latex

Here are a few other materials you will need-

  • Borax
  • Washing soda also known as sodium carbonate
  • Pure bar soap or soap flakes
  • Container that has an airtight lid

Easy Steps To Make It

1. First, take the bar soap and grate it. Decide on how much detergent you want to make and depending on that, you may need more soap bars. Next, take a hand grater and grate the soap bar into fine flakes.

2. Next step is to mix all the ingredients above together in an air-tight container. For this, you will need to mix 2 scoops of washing soda, 2 equal scoops of borax and 1 scoop of the soap flakes. This is the standard proportion that you will need to make the laundry detergent. So no matter how much quantity you plan to make the detergent, ensure that you make them in line with these proportions.

Benefits of Using a Homemade Laundry Detergent-

It is inexpensive and also has less chemicals which can be harsh on your fabric. Since these are free of the harmful toxins, they also are less likely to cause any skin and health problems.

And since these don’t contain any added perfumes, they are pet-friendly as well. Moreover, you can decide what ingredients to put in them and hence can also make the desired quantity. If made in a good volume, you can use them for about a year.

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