Our Guide To Stain Removal 101

Published on 4th July, 2018


Very rightly said, ‘stains are not noble to retain’. Picture this: You’re at dinner gorging on your favourite pasta and the next thing you see is pesto smeared on your new dress. You’re at the club shooting hoops with the guys and voila, your shorts are covered in grass stains.

We understand the pain of pesky stains showing up when you least expect it – whether it’s coffee on your shirt just before a meeting or that oh so impossible to get rid of wine stain.

So, the next time marks get in the way of sporting the outfit you had planned, don’t go down without a fight, keep these quick fixes handy and knock those unwanted spots right off!


With summer comes the inevitable heat and discolouration of your pastel tees. Don’t sweat it, a paste of baking soda and lemon can help you get rid of your sweat stains. Just apply this mixture with the help of a toothbrush on the fabric and let it sink in for 10 minutes, before rinsing out. Reapply and repeat the cycle a couple times.

football match

Won your soccer match, but lost your jersey to grass stains? Worry not, dab rubbing alcohol on the areas smeared with dirt and you can get back to celebrating your victory.

ink stains

Busy days at the office often lead to ink stains on your favourite shirts. Fret not, grab some hairspray or hand sanitiser and dab some on the area affected, let it settle in for 10 minutes, before rinsing out.

Spill Wine

If you’re ever at a party and spill wine on your shirt, grab a club soda and dab gently for an instant fix.

Oil stains
Oil stains sure are easy to make, worry not, here’s one way to get the stain out of the way. All you need to do is cover the stain with chalk or talcum powder and let it dry and you’ll see that it’s worked wonders.


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