NO CREASES, NO WORRIES: LaundryMan’s Guide To Folding Hacks

Published on 18th September, 2018


Folding clothes is one of the chores that almost everyone dreads – it is monotonous, time consuming and you can never get it just right. Have you ever thought how life would be if there was a machine that could automatically fold all your clothes?

Picture this, you would not have to randomly pull your outfits out from the piles in your closet, you could keep your garments perfectly folded and crease free, without the worry of re-folding for your most awaited trip. Don’t you wish you could transport to this wonderland?

But since we are still in 2018, here are some of the folding tricks we swear by to help you maximize your wardrobe storage :

Is folding your shirt a tedious task? Just lay it buttoned-up face down with the arms spread out. Fold the top of your shirt in half over the bottom (so that the collar rests on the bottom edge). Now, take the arms and fold them neatly across the top half.
Confused about how to fold your socks? Worry not, just place your socks on top of one another. Fold twice for low-cut socks, thrice for ankle socks and four times for knee length socks. It’s that simple!
silk and synthetic fabrics
Did you know clothes made of silk and synthetic fabrics are better off without folding? There was never a better reason to invest in these garments!
dry-cleaning bag
For some easy travel and wrinkle free clothes, all you need to do is pack your outfits inside a dry-cleaning bag.

While these folding tips will help you get through the day, you can always rely on your laundry superhero, LaundryMan to help you with your daily chores, as for us nothing is more satisfying than a neat pile of folded clothes. Download our app to experience premium yet affordable laundry and dry-cleaning services in and around Dubai!


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