New Clothes and the Bleeding Colour

Published on 20th October, 2019


You’ve just bought a couple of trendy jet-black denim jeans that make you feel wrapped in style. It’s a perfect mix. Nonetheless, you are certain that the colour that makes you look great will not last long. You’re weighing your choices so that what’s been your new go-to isn’t transforming into the fading pair left at the bottom of the closet. Fabric will undergo fading and bleeding as the dyes from it will vanish over time. Whether the apparel is overdyed to appear spectacular in the market, colouring is not well-set, or the wrong type of colouring has been used on the garment, lack of dye may pose a challenge to keep your clothing just as new. When brushing against another layer, many dyes transfer colour. Some leach when the fabric gets moist. Chemicals, like ultraviolet light, can also unlock and bleach the colours.

New Clothes and the Bleeding Colour

LaundryMan has come up with some tips to use on dark-load wash day to help you keep those black jeans dry:

  • Separate lights and pastels from dark-coloured clothing, then clean with similar colours. In case any colour is released, other clothes will not get discoloured.

  • Turn your clothes inside out to reduce friction, resulting in outward fading.

  • Wash heavy fabrics aside from those that are more delicate and zip all the zippers so as to reduce friction.

  • Use cold water during the wash, leaving fabrics sealed and trapping the dye inside. Warm water unlocks the fibres and allows off colouring. Irrespective of the water temperature, most detergents perform well, and the usage of cold water often saves money.

  • Use the permanent press and soft setting to wash clothes that are easier on your laundry than regular cycles.

  • Try not to overfill your washer. They will not only come out better, but they will also be subjected to less friction.

  • Add 1 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle or 1/2 cup salt to help hold in the colours.

  • Using colour-catcher sheets during the wash cycle captures extraneous dyes to avoid bleeding.

  • When line drying outdoors, remove clothes quickly to reduce UV radiation exposure.

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