LaundryMan’s Guide To Stubborn Food Stains

Published on 20th August, 2018


Have you ever wondered why some of the best foods are also the messiest? It’s hard to relish a good meal when you are constantly worrying about spilling hot sauce or some of that delicious curry on your favourite outfit.

The first reaction in these situations is to just want to throw up our hands and declare a total loss. But while food stains are an inevitable part of life, giving up on our clothes shouldn’t be.

So, here’s how you can salvage your favourite clothes and save yourselves a heartache along the way:

fruit juice spills
For fruit juice spills, which leave the most colourful impact on your clothes, be sure to act on the stain right away. All you need is a solution made of one-part white vinegar with three parts water and a cloth. Dip the cloth in the cleaning solution, dab the stain and be sure to air dry your garment.
Whether its spaghetti sauce or a health drink spill, tomato stains are the most common and stubborn! Here’s how to get rid of this stained mess – rinse the back of the stain with cold water or pre-treat the stain with a liquid laundry detergent and white vinegar and allow it to soak for several minutes before sending your garment for laundry.
Dropped some barbecue sauce while relishing your favourite munchies? Fret not, just treat the stain by dabbing white vinegar, rinse it well and repeat the cycle until the stain goes.
old food stains
Encountered old food stains you missed the first time around? We’ve got just the solution! Mix one-part dishwashing soap with two parts hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, apply generously on the affected area, let the solution sit for a while, rinse and voilà!
dried mustard
Is mustard your best friend but so are the stains? Worry not, just scrape off the dried mustard using a dull knife, blot the stained area with a combination of ammonia and mild soap, rinse under cold running water and watch this hack work its magic.

We understand that food stains can be tough to tackle, but the sooner you treat them, the better your chances of successful removal. When in doubt, call LaundryMan – all you need to do is download our app and enjoy superior laundry and dry-cleaning services in and around Dubai at the tap of your finger. Your Laundry Superhero is here to wash away those stubborn stains that are so much of a pain.



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