LaundryMan’s Guide To Laundry Cycles: Do I Really Need To Wash This?

Published on 30th October 2018


There are two kinds of people when it comes to laundry: First are those who are guilty of not knowing how many times they have worn their favorite piece of clothing, so they do a sniff test to check if it’s still okay to wear it. The second ones are those who very dedicatedly toss their clothes in the washer after every wear.

But the real question playing on our minds is for how many days is it really acceptable to dodge your laundry basket? Do we have to be careful about over-doing our laundry? Is there a laundry rule book we need to abide to? The answer is, there is no hard and fast rule to how often should you wash your clothes and there is no single factor that tells you it’s time to switch on the washer!

It all depends on what you do, the fabric type, the number of times you wear it and the weather. Some items can be worn several times while others need to be washed after every wear. With the layering season around the corner, here’s our quick guide on how often to wash your garments to ensure you’re always looking your best:

All your whites, silks, swimsuits, socks, gym clothes, camisoles, tank tops, underwear and t-shirts are high maintenance and need a wash after every wear.
Shapewear, leggings, yoga pants, formal tops and dresses are relatively easy to maintain and can be washed after one to three times of wear.
Machine Wash Cycle

These garments can skip 3-5 laundry cycles (wohoo!) – bras, dresses, pants, skirts, jeans and sweaters with synthetic and woollen blends.

Max Ironing Temperature
These are the super low maintenance garments that need a wash only 1-3 times a season: Sweatshirts, wool coats, blazers, leather and suede jackets.

While we hope the above helps you streamline your laundry cycle, this guide doesn’t apply to days of excessive sweating or accidental spills. Now that you know how often you need to get your outfits laundered, let us help you make your life easier, days more efficient and weekends longer! Download LaundryMan, everyone’s preferred laundry & dry-cleaning app-based service in and around Dubai Marina and get your clean clothes delivered right to your doorstep.


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