LaundryMan’s Guide to Knitwear Care

Published on 11th December, 2018


Winter is coming, and we know it’s that time of the year again when you must revamp your wardrobes with new winter staples because that cozy sweater in the back of your closet is probably the last thing on your mind (we’re sweating just thinking about it!). It is safe to say that knitwear is a winter essential which holds a special place in everyone’s wardrobe. The best part in investing in knitwear is its endurance. From its practical function as the season’s warmest garments to its effortless ability in creating a great look, knitwear is a vital style asset!

Apart from being a style asset, knits are very delicate as a fabric. To get the maximum wear out of them and keep them in top condition they need proper care. So here is our guide on how you can make your knits survive the entire season:

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First things first, swear by your label instructions on how to clean, dry and iron your garment.
Don’t pre-soak your knitted garments and wash them separately!
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NEVER put your knitted garments in the dryer, as it will stretch and shrink them. Always let the garments, air dry.
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The right way of storing your knitted garments is on a dark shelf of the wardrobe.
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Use lavender and cedar to keep your garments fresh and prevent insect breeding.
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NEVER use hangers, or else your garments will get out of shape.
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A regular clean does more than just stop the smell: it also brings up the fibres, brings back colour and, perhaps unexpectedly, helps with pilling.
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Whenever you notice a small hole in your favourite knitted garment, don’t get disappointed or too eager to throw it away. You can easily darn it or re-knit it.

We are sure that if you follow the above-mentioned steps you would be able to combat 90% of the knitwear damage. For those10% times when you would want to give in to the lazy winters and enjoy a quick nap forgetting about your daily chores, call LaundryMan, your laundry superhero in the Dubai Marina. Whether you stay in the Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Towers or Al Barsha, download our app to experience superior yet affordable laundry and dry-cleaning services in Dubai.


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