LaundryMan’s Guide To Keeping up With Your Home interiors.

Published on 16th November 2018

After a long hectic day, it is only natural to want to rush back and seek solace in our clean and cosy haven. Home interiors not only add a dash of opulence, a touch of class but also exude warmth – turning a house to your humble abode.

If you aspire to keep your interiors looking as fabulous and fresh as they day you bought them, don’t stop reading yet, follow our guide as below:

Carpets liven up your interiors and it is needless to say that any spills should be cleaned immediately to reduce the risk of a permanent stain. However, a good general rule is to vacuum your carpets twice a week and have it professionally cleaned once a year.
Curtains add just as much design to your space as the furniture – get these washed once in every three months and keep your space looking vibrant as ever!
Machine Wash Cycle

Sofas or recliners are definitely the go-to lounging space, but if you have pets that like to scramble onto your sofas too then we recommend you vacuum the couch once a week and clean the upholstery every two weeks.

Max Ironing Temperature
If there is something even more comforting than your recliner, it has to be your duvet! Even if you’ve invested in duvet covers, you should wash them atleast once a month!

Now that you know how often your home interiors need to be laundered, call LaundryMan, Dubai’s preferred laundry and dry-cleaning company and let us help you make more time for yourself! Whether you stay in and around the Marina or way out in Jumeirah you can count us on to get your laundry load, cleaned and delivered anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is download our mobile app and enjoy superior and hassle-free laundry and dry-cleaning at the tap of your finger! While these just cover a few of the many home essentials, stay tuned as we guide you through the rest of your interior hassles.


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