LaundryMan’s Guide To Keeping Up With Your Home Interiors – Part II

Published on 30th November, 2018


With holidays around the corner, this is the season for hosting dinner parties, evening bonfires and entertaining friends and family! In addition to the stress of planning these social events, keeping your interiors looking clean and smelling fresh is a responsibility we sure can relate to!

This got us thinking – is there a recommended cleaning cycle to follow for things like doormats, bed and living room linens? We asked your laundry superhero, LaundryMan to shed some light on how to keep our homes looking and feeling fresh and fabulous. Turns out a lot of our home furnishings should be cleaned more regularly than you think, so, fret not and read on:

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If you can’t remember the last time you washed your sheets, it’s definitely been too long! An average person tends to shed skin cells or sweat in their sleep and this microbe build up in itself is reason enough to get your bed linens and covers washed atleast once a week to keep your space germ-free.
Doormats are the first line of defence to keeping our floors clean yet keeping them clean is not something that comes to us naturally. The cleaning frequency for your door mats depend on a number of variables such as foot traffic, season and the surrounding environment. An ideal situation would be to ensure your doormats are cleaned atleast once a month!
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When was the last time you washed your bath towel? A week ago? Maybe more? It’s easy to forget to swap out towels, but we recommend you wash them after three or four uses.
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A tablecloth is an essential that gives a nice finished look to your dining room and any spills should be treated immediately. Considering the number of meals, a good general rule is to wash them twice a week.

We hope that these tips will help your home sparkle and shine. LaundryMan, your laundry and dry-cleaning expert is here to serve at the click of a button. All you have to do is download our laundry app on your mobile and place your order to experience affordable and superior laundry and dry-cleaning services in and around the Dubai Marina! Whether you stay in the Business Bay, Jumeirah or Emirates Hills, we’ve got you covered!


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