LaundryMan’s Guide to Clothing Care Labels

Published on 26th September, 2018


Have you ever paid heed to those little laundry care labels or wondered what role they may play in maintaining the shelf life of your clothing?

Did you know over-bleaching can result in ‘yellowing’ or damage to the garment? Bleaching can only be done on certain kinds of white cotton or white linen fabrics in cold water. All other fabrics will get damaged, if bleached.
The dryer setting in the picture is for the domestic dryer you may have in your house for daily wash and wear garments. When it comes to dryer cycles, fabrics like linen and hemp require permanent press, which means that the dryer temperature must be higher for lesser wrinkles.
Machine Wash Cycle

While some of the symbols are easy to understand, some are not; for example, did you know that the dots on the buckets indicate the temperature of the water for washing? Higher number of dots, hotter the water!
Fabrics to be washed at various temperatures for longer durability:

  • Hemp – Cold
  • Linen – 30-40 degree C
  • Acrylic – 50-60 degree C
  • Polyester – 50-60 degree C
  • Spandex – Cold
Max Ironing Temperature
Did you know some fabrics can melt away with high temperatures of an iron?
The greater number of dots on the iron symbol the higher temperature required to press the fabric.
Here are some of the common fabrics and the right amount of heat required for the crease-free garment!
  • Hemp – Steam + high temperature
  • Cotton – High temperature may require steam
  • Linen – Steam + high temperature
  • Polyester – Steam + low temperature
  • Silk – Steam + low temperature,Fabric should be inside out

We hope our beginner’s guide to these clothing care symbols has given you an insight into the best way to care for your favourite garments! Whether you stay in the Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Towers or around the Marina, call LaundryMan!, your go-to experts and experience affordable yet superior laundry and dry-cleaning services at the tap of your finger. All you have to do is download our app, place your order, and get your laundered load delivered to your doorstep!


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