LaundryMan’s Guide for Dry Cleaning Your Suit?

Published on 3rd March, 2020





Wearing suits can be a mark of confidence for many people as it is believed to bring respect of other men. Though it may be true, one thing is for sure and that is maintaining your suit. Suit maintenance can be a calculative move for many while others tend to wash them more often. Since there are no proved guidelines by experts on when to dry clean your suits, LaundryMan, through its vast expertise, has got a guide for you that will make your life easier without worrying about the charm of your favourite suits. Read on…

Fabric Type

Depending upon the fabric of your suit, whether it is made of wool, linen, etc., proper intervals between two dry-cleaning sessions should be determined. Since wool has no scent and possesses self-cleaning properties, it is not necessary to dry clean it often. Linen is light & water-resistant and has heat-regulating qualities, it also doesn’t require a frequent wash. Placing these in the open air for 10 minutes will do the job for you.

Damage Due to Shirts

When wearing a shirt under your jacket, it absorbs all your sweat. Wearing the same shirt under your suit more than once can reheat the body oils absorbed in the fabric, which may then transfer in the suit fabric and form stains. Wear a shirt only once and it will save you the hassle of dry cleaning your entire suit. The best way is to buy 2 identical shirts and your appearance will not make a compromise.

Colour Difference Due to Pants

When compared to the jacket, your pants lose their freshness sooner and tend to fade quickly. Buying an extra pair of pants and rotating the two with the single jacket will ensure your suit looks new any day. This also reduces the chance of sending your entire suit for dry cleaning even when only your pants are dirty. On average, a single pair of pants should be worn not more than 3 times before a proper wash.

After a Business Trip

Though your suit may not have been through a lot of dirt and sweat, it is still advised to opt for dry cleaning right after you return from a business trip. Placing it in your suitcase can add an extra crease to it, which can make it absolutely non-wearable for the time being. So it is highly recommended to get it dry cleaned after you return from your business trip.
These tips, if followed, can save you a lot of time and money. And next time you put on your favourite suit, it will be as fresh as new and as charming as you!

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