LaundryMan’s Basic FAQ on Dryer Troubleshooting

Published on 1st April, 2020





Even after properly following all the procedures and ensuring you are doing everything as taught by your elders, you may still be doing certain things while doing your laundry that may be affecting your dryer. If you are one of those who are upset with the way their dryers are functioning, then you are at the right place. LaundryMan has curated a set of common questions on your dryers so that you don’t have to spend hours surfing the web for the answers. Let’s get started:

Question 1: How Do I Know if I am Overloading My Dryer?

Putting-in too much laundry in your dryer can cause overheating, longer dry cycles, wrinkled clothes, and much more. You must always fill the drum till 75% of its capacity so as to allow easy movement of the clothes and ensure proper air into the fabric.

Question 2: Should I Opt for the Same Cycle for Every Piece of Cloth?

Depending upon the fabric of your clothes, it is important to organise your clothes before throwing them in your dryer. Certain fabrics require mild drying cycles while others may require a heavy one. When done otherwise, your clothes may come out shrunken or wrinkled. Please refer to the owner’s manual and follow the proper drying cycles for specific fabrics.

Question 3: Should I Clean the Lint Screen After Every Use?

Accumulation of lint on the lint screen can prevent adequate air movement in the machine. If it is left unattended, it can cause the dry cycles to increase in duration, overheat the dryer, adhere the lint on other clothes, or even a risk of fire. Since your dryer may be different from the others, it is better to refer to the owner’s manual. However, you must try to clean the lint screen after every use and avoid any future hassle.

Question 4: Should I Use Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softeners Together?

Dryer sheets and fabric softeners contain surfactants that cover the inside of the dryer drum. These surfactants can choke the dryer drum, lint screen, moisture sensors, and vent systems. It is highly recommended to use one or the other, instead of using both of them together.

Question 5: My Dryer is Not Properly Levelled, Does It Matter?

Placing your dryer over an uneven floor can cause abnormal vibrations, unusual sounds, and damage the dryer. It is highly advised to level your dryer. If you are unaware of how to do it, you can find the proper directions in the owner’s manual.

We are sure that you have got answers to all your basic questions. If you still have any queries, you can comment down below and our expert advice will soon be your way. LaundryMan is a professional laundry service provider offering best laundry services in Dubai. Just download our Laundry Mobile App and avail our most affordable laundry prices in Dubai just a tap away. Our services are available in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Design District, Dubai Marina, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Studio City, Green Community Village, Jebel Ali Village, JBR, JLT, Jumeirah, and all over Dubai.


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