Laundry Tips To Follow During Coronavirus

Published on Aug, 2020





Times have changed in the past few months and the need for safety and hygiene has led to a higher level of awareness amongst everyone around the world. Due to the pandemic, it is now advised for those stepping out to wear protective masks and gloves when necessary. Thus, laundry hygiene has also become important to ensure safety from COVID-19. You can trust an expert laundry service provider like LaundryMan for getting your clothes washed safely and hassle-freely. Or else, you can choose it to do at home. No matter what you choose to go for, here are a few useful tips that you should follow to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during this time.

Use Detergent With Disinfecting Bleach

When doing laundry at home, opt for a detergent that contains bleach for disinfecting your clothes properly. Use laundry soap or a good detergent that is suitable to wash your clothes. Too harsh soaps or detergents may harm the quality of your clothes. So ensure that you read the details and use them accordingly. You can even soak the clothes in a quaternary ammonium solution before you start washing them.

Use the Right Temperature

When washing your clothes, set the water temperature to the warmest possible. As per WHO, a temperature between 60-90°C is ideal to wash your clothes. But ensure that your clothes aren’t subjected to higher temperatures as this can lead your clothes to shrink or the fabric to get damaged. Hence before you wash them, check out their label to see the wash instructions so that your clothes remain newer for a longer time.

Use Gloves When Doing Laundry

Your dirty clothes carry dirt and bacteria which can be risky at this time. Thus, follow a habit of wearing gloves while doing your laundry. Even after using the gloves, wash your hands thoroughly and ensure that you either dispose of the gloves or soak them well. If you do not have gloves, washing hands with soap and water properly become even more important so that you wash off the dirt that you come in contact with while doing the dirty laundry. Avoid touching your face, eyes or nose with your dirty hands.

Use Proper Disinfectants

Invest in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved or other hospital-grade disinfectants while doing your laundry. You can take a sodium hypochlorite solution and disinfect your laundry basket before and after every wash to keep the virus at bay.

Wear Well-Dried Clothes

Damp clothes can be more prone to bacteria and hence you must avoid wearing them at all costs. Ensure that you let your clothes dry well, preferably under the sun when possible depending on the fabric. But only wear clothes that are completely dry so that you are safe.

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