Laundry Tips For Winters

Published on Jan, 2021





Winter is a lovely time here in Dubai but there are some changes that should be kept in mind while taking care of our laundry. Outdoor line-drying isn’t really an option in Dubai but not to worry, we still are.
However, if you would rather do your laundry at home, we are pleased to offer our all-time favourite tips, tricks and hacks to help you get your laundry done way easier, this winter.
Some of items you would need for these hacks include vinegar, baking soda, lemon, salt, borax and hot water.

1. Want to prevent your woollens from fading? Consider salt your best friend! Add it and wash colours inside out to get rid of fading over time. But wait, road salt can damage leather, so how do you preserve your leather shoes then? Just make a one-to-one solution of water and vinegar and apply it to wipe away the salt. Although you might need to do it several times to get all the salt out.

2. Try Vinegar and Baking Soda instead of detergent. Add these two, half as the amount of detergent and see how it revives the olds into soft, fluffy towels. What else? Skip the dryer sheets and fabric softener to make your towels last longer and more absorbent.

3. Running out of time to iron your shirts? Hang them in your bathroom while you take a hot shower and the steam will help release wrinkles from your garments.

4. Squeeze a large lemon in those sweaty clothes! It will not just break down oils trapped in fabrics but will also leave a clean fresh scent. To sanitize and kill odour causing bacteria, use hot water in machine with vinegar and baking soda and clean your washer at least once a month.

5. Jeans should be washed and air dried, inside out every 4-5 wears to preserve their original size. In case you’ve accidentally shrunk your clothes or sweaters, soak it in a solution of hair conditioner and warm water, it will eventually get back to its original size. To maintain the shape of sweaters, lay them flat to dry as opposed to hanging them.

6. Stains could really be the most annoying thing but we have some tips. Remove armpit stains with lemon juice and baking soda, greasy or oily stains with chalk, grass stains with vinegar, ink stains with hairspray or hand sanitizer and blood stains with salt or saline solution.

7. Don’t forget to add Borax in every wash to keep your whites, bright and your colours, colourful. Use lemon juice and sunshine to preserve whiteness naturally as it also helps them and smell fresh too.

8. To sort laundry for optimal washing, first make piles by colour (lights, whites, brights, darks) then sort by fabric (synthetics, cotton, linen, other natural fibers) and for days when you’ve your items covered with dirt, soak it in warm water, detergent, white vinegar and then rinse.

9. Did you know hanging your clothes by the cuff, allow better airflow and to keep them wrinkle-free? Well, now you do. But other than that, you can also occasionally use a fan to circulate air through your closet to save your clothes from getting dusty.

10. The best way to sanitize any garment is putting it in really hot water with bleach but we get it, not everyone is a fan of bleach. So, you instead can try adding 1 cup of white vinegar oxygen booster lemon juice to the wash and air-dry your clothes in the sun.


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