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Innovation in the Laundry Industry

Published on 14th Jun, 2018
Very rightly said, ‘the only thing that is constant is change.’ Looking back, we have seen constant innovation in laundry and dry-cleaning not only in Dubai but across the globe – from traditional handwashing techniques and the first automated washing machine to coin-operated self-service laundromats and dry-cleaning delivery services.
Owing to improved efficiency of machines, digitisation of everyday chores and a new focus on customer satisfaction, coupled with evolving lifestyle trends wherein consumers would like to free their schedules of mundane to-dos’, a recent and growing shift has been observed towards on-demand app-based laundry and dry-cleaning services. These improvements in the industry are not just specific to laundry service in Dubai, rather it’s a trend that is making waves globally.

Did you know that the first electric powered washer, Thor, was created in 1908? Now, 110 years later, the entire process has been narrowed down to just the tap of a finger!

From semi-automatic to fully-automatic washers, top load to front load machines, synthetic to green detergents, we continue to see gradual developments in laundry and dry-cleaning techniques and equipment.

While timeliness of delivery, reliability, convenience and cost-effectiveness are essentially what customers in Dubai expect from their laundry and dry-cleaning service providers, we feel that the most important factor would be instilling a sense of trust in the minds of the consumers that their belongings are handled with utmost care and will be delivered in the perfect condition.

The world is moving towards sustainable practices and techniques across every industry, and we, at LaundryMan believe in just the same. Our facilities use eco-friendly European detergents and our equipment is programmed to minimise water wastage across every load.

If you haven’t already, experience superior laundry and dry-cleaning services in and around Dubai, courtesy your laundry superhero, LaundryMan!



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