A Useful Guide to Care for Your Linen Clothes

Published on May, 2020





Linen fabrics not only look classy when worn but also are skin-friendly. These breathable and light fabrics are the best for hotter temperatures. With the right care, these clothes can last longer and also keep them in their best condition. Ideally, linens are not to be given for dry cleaning. So you may try LaundryMan for getting your linen clothes cleaned by experts when in doubt. If you want to keep your favourite linen outfit fresh and wearable for a long time, read on to find out a few simple tips to do so.

Here are a few useful tips you can follow for the overall care of your linen garments:

Wash The Right Way

When in doubt, you should take a look at the label of your linen garment for washing instructions. The instructions vary if, for instance, your linen garment also has a blend of other fabrics like rayon or cotton. Some labels may mention “dry cleaning only” and that’s what you should be following. So consider the instructions before you clean your linen garment.

In case your linen garment can be hand-washed, using cold water to wash and rinse it is the best way. It not only prolongs the life of your linen fabric but also avoids it to shrink. You should, however, avoid using detergents that are harsh to wash linen clothes so instead use a mild detergent. Wash your white linen clothes separately as the colourful new linen clothes tend to bleed while washing.

Drying Linen Garments

The ideal way to dry your linen clothes would be air-drying by hanging them on a padded hanger. This prevents the garment from developing dented marks. You may also use a drying rack where you can lay your linen garment flat and let it dry.

If you wish to machine dry your linen clothes, a low-heat or no heat setting should be used. Do not squeeze linen to remove excess water from it when hand washing. Instead, wrap the linen garment in a towel and remove the moisture from the garment.

Removing Stains and Spots

The fabric of linen is delicate and removing spots off them can be a little challenging while ensuring the fabric does not get damaged. But with the right way, removing these stains can be easy and will keep your linen clothes looking good.

While for older stains on linen, dry cleaning may be the ultimate solution, for newer stains on linen use a white cloth or towel to remove the stain. This will also prevent the stain from spreading further. You can also sprinkle some baking soda and add in a few drops on vinegar on the stain and then let it a paper towel to soak up the moisture after you have blotted it.

So your linen clothes can look great if you treat them well and use the right instructions when washing them. These tips can come in very handy when you wash them. For getting your laundry done and your linen clothes washed, you can download the Laundry Mobile App and avail the best laundry service in Dubai. We offer the most affordable laundry prices in Dubai and are available across locations such as Dubai Sports City, Dubai Studio City, Green Community Village, Jebel Ali Village, JBR, JLT, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Jumeirah Heights, JVC, JVT, Motor City, and The Greens. Get your laundry done without any hassles today!


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