4 Best Summer Fabrics and Tips to Care for Them

Published on June, 2020





When the Dubai summers hit its peak, one of the things to reiterate about is your wardrobe. In the hot and humid weather, wearing suitable fabrics can provide you with relaxation and comfort to keep you going. With a professional service provider like LaundryMan, you can get your summer clothes washed by them instead of going through all the hassle at home. However, there are a few basic tips that you can follow to keep your summer clothes in the best condition. So read on to find out the best summer fabrics and tips to care for them.


One of the best fabrics which are widely available, cotton is best to be worn during the hotter temperatures. This lightweight, breathable fabric helps keep the body cool and comes in a variety of stylish outfits and a wide collection of colours to choose from. Cotton fabrics also soak up the sweat and moisture and are thus not only stylish but comfortable as well. However, in light cotton clothes, stains tend to develop around collars and armpits due to sweat. So you need to take care of that.

Here are a few tips to care for your cotton fabrics-
-Use cold water to wash cotton clothes when washing with hands or in the washing machine.
-Wash white cotton clothes using bleach.
-Iron your cotton clothes using the highest heat level to make them crinkle-free.
-Store your cotton clothes in a place that is cool and dry.


Linens are another great choice to wear during summers. These fabrics are lightweight and enable you to keep your body cool. This breathable fabric also allows sweat and moisture to dry up quickly hence making it an ideal choice for warmer temperatures. This loosely woven fabric also ensures that it does not stick to your body and hence prevents making you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, since sweat tends to dry quickly your linen outfit is less likely to develop sweat patches thus avoiding your clothes to look dull.

Here are a few tips to care for linen fabrics-
-Wash your linens in cold water to avoid it from shrinking.
-Wash dark coloured linen clothes separately as they usually tend to bleed.
-Air-dry your linen clothes on a flat surface to avoid them from crinkling.
-Avoid over-drying your linen clothes as it makes the material stiff.


Made of vert thin synthetic fibres, rayon is a light fabric and super comfy to be worn during the summers. Its fabric makes it ideal for sportswear materials as well. This man-made fabric is an economical alternative for silk and also does not stick to the body. Thus, made from a blend of wood pulp and cotton, rayon is suitable to be worn during hot and humid climates.

Here are a few tips to care for rayon-
-Avoid washing in warm water to avoid shrinkage.
-Dry cleaning is considered the best and if you need them to be dry-cleaned, LaundryMan is here to help.
-Steam iron your rayon clothes for the best results.
-Avoid wringing and twisting your rayon clothes as they tend to develop crease easily.


Chambrays are lighter fabrics that are almost similar to denim. But hot weather calls for lightweight clothes and chambrays are just what you need. These breathable fabrics are good at absorbing sweat and unlike denim, they are much softer and breathable. So this summer, go ahead and replace your denim with chambrays.

Here are a few tips to care for chambray fabrics-
-Use high heat to iron chambray fabrics.
-Turn your chambray outfits inside out while storing as well as ironing.
-Wash chambray in cold water to avoid shrinkage.
-Dry chambray clothes in the shade.

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