When it comes to washing your laundry, like others, you may also think that using extra detergent leads to cleaner clothes. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Using more than required detergent causes oversudsing, or over foaming in simple terms. Suds leave residue on your clothes and make it difficult for you to eliminate it from the washer. If you are also facing such issues and find it difficult to overcome, LaundryMan is here to help! Let’s take a quick look at how you can eliminate Suds or avoid it in the first place only.

Use Specific Detergent for a Specific Washer: Many people use any random detergent while doing laundry. Today, new washer models are designed to be highly efficient and are known as HE-Washers. For such washers, HE-Detergents are available to ensure the desired efficiency. Since HE-Washers are meant to operate in less water conditions, using non-HE-Detergents can cause suds and even an overflow of detergent bubbles from the washer. So, it is better to use specific detergents only. Refer to your washer manual for detergent specifications.

Less Phosphate Detergent:  Detergents rich in phosphate create more suds when mixed with water. So, it is important to use less phosphate or no phosphate detergents. HE-Detergents contain the least percentage of phosphates. Before selecting a detergent for your washer, check the label for phosphate percentages and, select accordingly.

Less Detergent: The easiest and best method to reduce suds is using less detergent. It is a very well-known fact that soft water uses less detergent, and hard water uses more detergent to create foam. Depending on the nature of water, start with using less detergent quantity and, with time, understand the ideal quantity for your laundry wash. However, you must refer to the label as well to narrow down your usage variation.

Use Vinegar: Using white distilled vinegar helps reduce the quantity of suds in your washer. After the wash cycle, if you find suds in your washer or your clothes, add half a cup of white distilled vinegar to 1 quantity of water, and set your washer on the rinse cycle. The vinegar will eliminate all the suds present, and your laundry will come out fresh and clean!

These were some of the tips by LaundryMan to eliminate suds from your laundry and washer. LaundryMan is a professional laundry service provider offering its expertise to make your clothes as good as new every time you avail our services. We provide the best laundry services in Dubai. Our most affordable laundry prices in Dubai are available in all the locations, including Al Bada’a, Al Barsha, Al Furjan, Al Quoz, Al Safa, Al Satwa, City Walk, Al Wasl, Arabian Ranches, Barsha Heights, Business Bay, DIFC, including others. All you have to do is download our Laundry Mobile App, and our services are just a tap away!