The Best Cleaning Fabrics And Tips To Wash Them

Published on Feb, 2021





Ever put in something in the wash, only to have it come out, not how you expected it to be? It’s happened to all of us. Sometimes it’s your favourite piece of clothing that shrinks, rips or even gets ruined. However, it may seem inevitable but there are still a few steps to help you wash your clothes perfectly, each and every time.
Let’s unwind these 10 ways you can use to make your laundry easier:

1. Remove stains and sort the Laundry-
Instead of wasting time, sort all the clothes by texture from lights to thicks using multiple hampers. It will also help you in customizing your loads of laundry. Other than that, stain treatment can also take a ton of time as you look at each piece of clothing from the hamper, one-by-one. Instead, you can remove all the stains by keeping some of your favourite stain treatment near the hamper and examine every outfit before it goes into the hamper.

2. Schedule your Laundry type and Multi-Task
Laundry can be boring but it still could be done while doing other household chores or watching television. Multi-task as much as you want by scheduling your time like breaking your laundry chores into smaller tasks, throughout the week. You can delegate loads every day and this works so well in allowing you to be completely done with laundry by the weekend too.

3. Make your dryer more efficient
Make it a habit to regularly clean your washer and dryer to reduce the dry time – and empty — the lint trap before each load. A full lint trap reduces efficiency and can instigate fire. Do items that are light-weight and can dry quickly in a separate load and pre-heat the dryer for later, heavier loads. By doing so, you’ll save energy with the shorter drying times and make use of the residual heat as well.

4. Avoid laundry mishaps
To preserve your washer, dryer, and laundry items empty every pocket before washing. Prevent fading in by turning shirts, tops, slacks, and jeans inside out before washing them in cool water. Read clothing labels and use a different, washable mesh garment bag for fragile items such as lingerie, tights etc.

5. Don’t use harmful chemicals
Chemicals, no matter how effective, always are harmful. So, a simple trick is to check what you’re putting in with your clothes and stay away from chemical detergents and stain removers. You shouldn’t invest in fabric softener as they could actually damage your clothes and towels over time by leaving yellowish stains,
in-spite of the delightful smell they leave.

6. The less often you wash your clothes, the better
You can make your clothes last longer if you wash them less! Makes no sense? We can explain. Only washing items when they really need it, will help the colours from fading, fabrics thinning down and also the planet by using less water and energy. Clothes like Jeans should be washed out, every 3-5 wears to preserve the original size and quality.

7. Invest in an energy-efficient washing machine
Investing in a smarter washing machine is the first step to become greener, at home. Not only are these washing machines efficient than before, they are also specialised to use a minimal amount of water and that way, you can save money and energy while also keeping your clothes in their best integrity.

8. Use home-made detergents
Homemade laundry detergent is not only affordable but can also be really gentle on your clothes. There are a few homemade recipes that use products — all of which, are biodegradable such as a mixture of washing soda, borax and hand soap. It is less expensive and also has less side-effects and chemicals in them.

9. Iron like a pro
Remove wrinkles while ironing clothing by keeping the clothes damp. Lay a moist handkerchief over the wrinkled area, when ironing delicate fabrics like lace and press gently to protect the material from burning.

10. Some Clothespin secrets
While putting your dress, shirts or lights on hangers, avoid clothespin marks on their shoulders. Take proper care of your clothespins and keep them clean by placing them in a mesh bag and hang the entire bag on the line to dry.

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