Published on 10th February 2020







We often tend to keep our clothes clean and fresh, but in the process, sometimes our favourite garments show various signs of damage even after the first wash. Generally, each fabric comes with a specific set of wash instructions, and even after following all the instructions, we are left with something that we can’t flaunt anymore. Shrinkage is one such issue which can attack our clothes during the first wash cycle only, and it is important to take necessary precautions so as to prevent wastage of clothes as well as money. Here are LaundryMan’s tips to prevent your clothes from shrinking:


Know the Fabric

Before washing any of your clothes, it is important to separate all the fabric types rather than smashing the entire laundry pile in the washer. Since each fabric demands specific wash settings, even if separate wash cycles are time-consuming, it is worth investing your time. Moreover, similar fabrics may also have different label instructions, so it is important to go through each label.

Use Cold Water Unless Specified Otherwise

Many labels may instruct you to wash the fabric in warm or hot water, otherwise, try to use cold water whenever you wash your clothes. Coldwater is less harmful to the fabric as compared to warm and hot water. Modern machines are technologically advanced and are capable of washing away the dirt even if you are using cold water.

Handwash Your Delicate Clothes

Many fabrics are delicate in nature and harsh machine turns can damage them. In such cases, even if you are following the label instructions, the fabric may still expand or shrink. It’s better to handwash such fabrics and ensures your wardrobe doesn’t miss your favourite outfit.

Wash Less and Air Dry

Washing your clothes very often damages the fabric structure and your clothes look dull. Start wearing undershirts so as to prevent sweat stains, which in turn will increase the wash intervals. When it comes to drying your clothes, always prefer to air dry. Heat dryers can easily weaken the fabric which results in shrinkage.