Published on 10th December, 2019





Browsing and selecting a perfect washing machine as per your requirements takes a lot of time. And when you find one, it is important to take certain precautions to enhance its life span. Your washing machine takes good care of your clothes and, periodically, you should also return the favour. Maintaining your washing machine avoids sudden breakdowns, which in turn saves your time and money. LaundryMan has got some tips for you to ensure proper maintenance of your washing machine. Let’s take a look:.

Replace the Water Hoses: Replacing the water hoses after short intervals is not recommended and the same should be done after 2-3 years owing to the normal wear and tear. However, you must check for any cracking, bulging, leaking or fraying around the ends. If found, replace the hose immediately.

Check for Levelling: Uneven levelling of your washing machine can cause heavy vibrations or even produce dragging or shifting. This unnecessary motion can damage the circuits or the entire machine. Ensure the machine is correctly levelled. Also, check whether or not your machine is at least 4 inches away from the wall in order to avoid kinking of the hoses.

Clean the Machine: Your washing machine cleans your clothes, and it is highly important to clean it as well. Firstly, clean the lint filter more often. Lint filter will be either in the agitator tube or near the top of the washtub, depending on your machine model. Clean lint filter will ensure the efficient running of the washer. Also, rinse away the soap residue from the washtub using a machine cleaner, hot water, vinegar, or baking soda.

Avoid Overloading: Like any other mechanical equipment, your washing machine also has a suggested maximum load. Any load more than that can easily damage the machine equipment or the motor, making your machine unfit for use. In order to avoid shopping for a brand new washing machine, refer to its precaution label. Ensure you are not putting in more clothes or adding more water than prescribed.

Install a Drip Pan: Your washing machine may leak water occasionally and it is important to add extra protection. If your washing machine is placed in the upstairs laundry room, water leakage can damage the floor and cause rusting in the machine’s base plate or the shoes. Latest machine models do come with non-rusting material, still, adding up an extra layer of protection will come handy at times.

Allow Fresh-up Intervals: When washing a huge number of clothes in batches, allow short intervals between the wash cycles. Keep the lid open to eliminate any odour in top-load machines. In the case of front-load machines, wipe the rubber seal around the door before starting a new wash cycle. Fresh washtub will ensure fresh wash cycle, and your clothes will not come up with bad odour.

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