Published on 20th December 2019








Some of you may love doing your laundry while as others may find it very boring. However, laundry is something that if you don’t like, still you are bound to do. Whether or not your perspective will change, but some additions to your laundry room may make your laundry day a bit easy for you. LaundryMan has got 5 laundry accessories that you must have in your laundry room for a seamless laundry session. Let’s take a look:


Hanging Rod

Once you wash your clothes, you may be putting them in the basket and sometimes it creates confusion when you are having a load full of laundry to do. You can find amazingly designed hanging rods in the market that come in various shapes, designs, and material choices. Placing a hanging rod in your laundry room can make it easy to place washed-up white clothes without making them dirty. These also utilise more space of your laundry room which, otherwise, is unusable.

Ironing Board

Ironing boards come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and shapes. Depending on your requirement and space, you can select one that matches your taste. Based on the size of your ironing board, you can use it for various purposes. For example, long iron boards can be used to remove wrinkles from the large pieces of cloth like tablecloths, cotton curtains, etc. If space is your constraint, you can opt for full-sized ironing boards that can be hung on the door or an attachable ironing board that can be merged with your existing counter.

DIY Cleaners: The beauty of science is that you can make anything at home provided you have the knowledge and proper ingredients. If you have a more eco-friendly approach, you can prepare your own detergents, fabric softeners, and starch. DIY products save you time, money, and enhances the lifespan of your clothes. You can easily find recipes for all your DIY laundry needs and try out some experimentation!

Handheld Steamers

Your laundry may have certain pieces of clothing that are very delicate and can easily get damaged by the harsh chemicals and aggressive dryers. Laundry steamers make your job easy by removing all the wrinkles from the fabric without even touching its surface. Its hot steam makes the fabric to relax and avoids damaging its surface. Handheld steamers are mostly used for screen printed t-shirts, suits, and jackets.

Extra Table

Placing an extra table in your laundry room makes it easy for you to fold your clothes and eliminates the problem of all your clean clothes laying all over your laundry room. You can opt for a folding table, full-sized table, or a small table depending upon your requirement. Having an extra table also ensures you can utilise more space when needed, otherwise, it can be removed easily.