Published on 24th January, 2020





Since there are no specific directions on what exactly is the load limit of your washer – even if there are, no one will ever weigh the batch of clothes – we tend to add a couple more clothes every time we have a laundry day. Adding up extra weight in your washer can easily affect the efficiency of your washer and even break the motor. One may come up with a solution to put fewer clothes in each batch, but that way, they are wasting energy as well as water. So, what exactly is the solution? Let’s quickly get through LaundryMan’s tips on how to properly load your washer so that the next time you are doing your laundry, your washer is also at ease as you are.


Standard Top-Loader Washer

  • Put your clothes evenly around the agitator.
  • When loading sheets and towels in the washer, do not twist them. Instead, put them evenly on each side to maintain the balance. You can use small clothes as well to do so.
  • Don’t force any clothes in the washer as the inadequate space can lead to less agitation and your clothes will come out less clean.

High-Efficiency (HE) Top-Loader Washer

  • Put your clothes around the edges and avoid piling them up in the centre. This will help in balancing the load, and your clothes will come out cleaner.
  • If you have a large pile of clothes to be washed, don’t stuff as much you can. Make sure you are leaving at least 6-8 inches from the top edge of the washer.
  • Use a mix of small and large clothes in a single batch. This way, you can easily balance out the load, and there will be no strain on the motor.

Standard Top-Loader Washer

If yours is a standard top-loader washer, it will have an agitator sitting in the centre. When loading your washer, ensure you are doing so in a balanced manner around the agitator. An unbalanced load can cause your washer to vibrate abnormally, which in turn can cause costly damage to the machine.

High-Efficiency Front-Loader Washer

Modern front-loader washers use less water as compared to their predecessors. To be more precise, less than 20 gallons of water are consumed by an HE front-loader washer while as more than 40 gallons are consumed by a standard front-loader washer. Since front-loader washers are different than top-loaders, loading them is also different. It is worth mentioning that the proper loading method for standard as well as HE front-loader washer is same.

Front-Loader Washer

  • Put the clothes one at a time and avoid tangling them.
  • Don’t fill up the entire capacity of the washer. Instead, leave at least 6-8 inches at the top.
  • Since front-loader washers collect the water at the bottom, placing your heavy clothes at the bottom will allow them to be in touch with water and detergent for a longer time.
Follow all these tips to ensure you load your washer perfectly without over-loading or under-loading it.

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