Published on 28th Februay, 2020







Have you wondered why your clothes smell bad even after washing them? Whatever be the case, it is enough to spoil your mood for the day. LaundryMan has come up with small hacks that will help you keep your clothes smell fresh. All you have to do is spare a couple of minutes.



Depending upon how frequently you wear your clothes, determine relative wash cycles. This way, you can prevent the fabric damage and, also, keep your clothes clean. You can also use scented detergent and essential oils when washing your clothes. As soon as the wash cycle is complete, take out all the clothes from the washer without any delay. Moist conditions of the washer are the major cause of odour in the clothes.


Whenever you place your clothes in a hot dryer or in the open air, always ensure the clothes are completely dry before placing them in your cupboard. Otherwise, your clothes will attract mildew. You can also use fragrant dryer sheets or pour a couple of drops of essential oils during the drying cycle. Moreover, clean your dryer after specific time intervals.


When placing your clothes in the wardrobe, put a couple of scented sachets along with them. If scented sachets are not available, pour a couple of essential oil drops on a clean fabric or cotton balls, and place them in the wardrobe. Also, you can make use of an unlit candle or a scented soap to induce freshness in the cloth pile.


People sometimes tend to store washed and used clothes in a single closet. The odour from the used clothes can affect the freshness of the washed clothes, resulting in all your clothes smelling foul. Always keep your dirty clothes in a separate laundry basket, away from the washed clothes. Moreover, if your clothes are damp, avoid placing them in the laundry basket.
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